The Zinnibiri is a hard-textured table cheese absolutely innovative and only produced by the Caseificio Garau. It is distinguished by the widespread presence of holes that remind you of some famous cow's milk cheeses produced in Switzerland. The holes depend on the action of carbon dioxide that is naturally generated during the maturing process.

It is produced only from very fresh sheep's milk coming from the Sardinian inland's pastures, and corroborating the absolute genuineness, you can observe a certain changeableness in the size of the holes depending on the season of production.

The whole cheese is medium size and has a weight of about 4,5 kg. The taste varies according to the maturing and is mild if matured less than 4 months, much richer and growing spicier if matured more than 8 months. At all events it is aromatic, fruity and with a scent of aromatic herbs.

It is excellent as table cheese and this pecorino cheese with holes is suitable for a number of combinations in the modern creative cookery.

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