A hard-texture, half-cooked cheese, exclusively produced from very fresh sheep's milk coming from the pastures of the Sardinian inland, the Giunco (rush) has an agreeably strong flavour, with a texture that varies according to the degree of maturing from six to 24 months.

The process takes place inside the ancient cellars of the Caseificio Garau and gives aromatic features and texture to the cheese that bring back the flavour of long ago. You can taste the product obtained like this both fresh and mature, with a more delicate flavour in the fresh cheese and a stronger taste in the mature one.

The whole cheese, with a medium weight of 5 kg, bears imprinted the signs of the traditional weaved Sardinian rush basket, used in order to shape it and make it easily recognizable. It has a wide use in the kitchen both as a table cheese and to grate if it is mature.

The Giunco pepato (flavoured with pepper) is a particular version of this pecorino cheese and its characteristic is the presence of whole peppercorns. The flavour is sharp, strong and distinctive with scents of wood and wild flowers. Also this is a table cheese or a cheese to grate.

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