Dolce Caprino

The Dolce Caprino of the Caseificio Garau is a cheese with medium hard and hard texture, table cheese or grated cheese, only produced from very fresh goat's milk coming from the Sardinian inland's pastures. Its maturing varies from 20 days to 4 months for the fresh one and more than 4 months for the mature one.

The shape is cylindrical with flat faces and straight lateral sides and the fresh goat's milk cheese weighs about 2,80 kg while the mature one weighs about 2,50 kg. This white cheese with a palatable and aromatic flavour blends ably with a slightly sourish feature, typical of goat's milk, and a pleasant mild tendency.

It is a complete nutrient of great value that you can taste by itself or together with honey or fruit jam to enhance its flavour.

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