Colline di Mandas

A half-cooked, half-matured cheese with a hard texture, only produced from very fresh sheep's milk coming from the Sardinian inland's pastures.It is the heir to the classic pecorino produced by the Sardinian shepherds right from the ancient times and improved over time by the able dairymen working at the Caseificio Garau.

Its maturing varies from 20 days to six months. The Colline di Mandas distinguishes itself for its soft texture, compact and sometimes slightly holed, with a pale yellow colour and a mild aromatic taste. As the maturing gets on, it obtains a palatable spicy flavour. The shape is cylindrical with flat faces and straight lateral sides and the weight is about 2,8 kg.

The mild and slightly sourish flavour makes it the basic ingredient when preparing one of the most traditional Sardinian sweets: the sebadas.

Caseificio Antonio Garau dal 1880 S.r.l. - Mandas (CA) • P. IVA 03365060924 •